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Villainverse Reaper and Oppressor by ThePsychoArtist Villainverse Reaper and Oppressor by ThePsychoArtist
Name: Ezekiel Curral
Alias: Villain
Job: Secret Weapon for Oppressor
Brief History: Instead on a quest for vengeance for his dead parents, Zeke was on a quest for power. He was obsessed with Abaddon's powers and wanted it! Abaddon left Zeke, after realizing that he created a monster. Zeke didn't take it too kindly and taught himself of becoming a sorcerer. After years of self-teaching, he discovered how to make himself immortal and become like a god. Just when he thought he was powerful enough, Abaddon came to confront him and took away his arms and legs. He then left him to suffer. Months after his encounter with Abaddon, Zeke was found by a child named Malloy. Malloy was able to nurse him to health and was able to find someone to give him a pair of new legs and arms. It was then when Zeke and Malloy became partners. Zeke was to help with Malloy and Malloy was to provide Zeke the location of Abaddon. After overthrowing the government, Malloy kept true to his word and gave Zeke the location of Abaddon. There, he and Abaddon were engaged in combat. This time, Zeke was the one to be the victor. He dragged the barely living Abaddon to a cliff on the side of the ocean. He tossed him over the cliff and that's when it was decided that Abaddon was dead by both Malloy and Zeke.
Personality: Zeke is more power-hungry, cold, calculating, sadistic individual than his counterpart. He enjoys hunting down targets that are assigned to him and is always looking for a challenge. He rarely talks to anyone and lets his action do it for him.
Powers: Like his counterpart, he's immortal. But he's capable of producing dark magic. Using his spell book he keeps in the small of his back, he's able to use any magic he wishes to use. However, he can only use on type of magic at a time (ex. telekinesis, fireballs, rising a group of dead troops to fight for him). But if he doesn't have his book, he can't you his magic.
Fun Fact: He's virtually a myth to the whole world. He leaves no witnesses or any evidence when on a mission


Name: James Malloy
Alias: Villain
Job: Emperor of the New United States
Brief History: Malloy was the single child of a family of politicians. His father was a powerful senator and his mother was his PA. Malloy lived his childhood of having no friends and was picked on by older kids in school. However, he was very persuasive and had other kids to do his fighting for him in school. This did not stop him from learning other forms of fighting styles (fencing and boxing). One day, he was snooping around in his dad's office and discovered he was doing illegal things to keep him in office. As soon as he found out what he was doing, he went off to sneak into different senators' offices. Like his dad, they too were doing illegal shit to keep them in office. He left his family and started to get followers to overthrow the government at the age of 18. He was gaining some headway, until the government arrested many important members of his group and he's now a runaway fugitive. One day, he discovered Zeke alone in the wilderness without his arms and legs. Malloy was kind enough to bring Zeke back to health and found someone to give him new arms and legs. It was then a partnership was formed and Malloy used Zeke to help take-down key figures in the government (i.e. President, Vice President, Supreme Court). With his help, Malloy overthrown the government and exposed every dirty truth they kept from their people. After a couple of months, Malloy was declared emperor of the nation and lead his people to a new world...HOWEVER!!! Under his new rule, he started a nation wide martial law and had meta humans to get licenses to fight crime. If they didn't, they were consider rebels to the nation. But why would he do this? Like father, he wants to stay in power. After getting a little taste of what it is, he wants more of it. But to make it seem as though he isn't just in it for the power, he had Reaper to go on assignments to incite riots, chaos, starting cults, or anything to make it so that only Malloy can fix this country. Malloy is the Emperor and dictator of this nation, next: THE WORLD!!!!
Personality: Malloy still acts like a gentleman when being around women and children, but he tends to act like a secret asshole when he talks to people. He's VERY persuasive and is a man who wants everything under his control. He hates it when there is someone who CONTINUES to defy him over and over again. But most importantly, he has a bad temper.
Powers: His gauntlet has the ability to turn off meta and other forms magic for as long as he keeps his gauntlet focus on them. He's able to turn off multiple powers off, but will cause the power to drain much quicker. Aside from turning off powers and magic, it increases his strength in his arm. It's capable of lifting construction truck up on two wheels.
Fun Fact:
He likes to use meta humans to do his dirty work, aside from using Reaper

(Note: I will update this, if need be)
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Hannah-Little Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Pssssssyccch. I said it before in the chat and I'll say it again. I LOVE these designs. I love how you've transferred them from regular verse, especially Forever Man. He's become like a literal messenger of death and I LOVE it >:I

I really love that Malloy still acts nice around women and children; it gives the impression that he can turn on a penny, and that makes him so dangerous c:<
ThePsychoArtist Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like I said in the chatroom: :iconexplodelaplz: SO GLAD THAT YOU LOVE IT!!! Yes, I was going for making FM more of a messenger of death. It was actually one of FM's concept designs when I was rebooting him a while back. It felt more of a villain, but I was glad that I could still use his design in some shape or form :la:

Yes, Malloy is still a gentleman and (like you said) can turn on a penny. He's a really douchebag in this universe! But I love (to hate) him, though. I don't know why, but it was SO much fun of deconstructing my characters into low life scums! So much fun...
pewternatural Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The design on both of these are very detailed and go along with their descriptions. I really like Reaper, the little detail of having him wrapped in bandages under his armor, was a great touch.
ThePsychoArtist Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wanted to go more with FM's original design with the bandages in Reaper. Though I wish I could've done it a better job, but it's been a while for me of drawing FM in bandages. But thank you, again, for the lovely feedback :la:
pewternatural Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It works with Reaper since you would assume that he's pretty scared up.
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