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AP: Let the Sparks Fly by ThePsychoArtist AP: Let the Sparks Fly by ThePsychoArtist

It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry for the lack of any art recently. College proves to be very time consuming. But hey, I did a thing and I'm officially on Spring Break. Thank the Lord!!!

So this was a Art Prompt I did for :iconteenheroesunited:. If you haven't check out the group, you should probably consider doing it... More on the piece: it was an AP for the month and the prompt was Crack Ship Cruise. About it, we volunteer two (or one) of our OCs and they get randomly paired with another OC...which could be anybody's OC...even your own... :stare: Of the two, my lovely (Mrs. White) got paired with the amazing Hannah-Little's Salamander. Being me, I don't normally do intimate drawings and prefer doing STRAIGHT UP MICHAEL BAY ACTION SHIT!!!! And these two fit pretty well with it. The weird part about this, is that this pairing could work in a AU. I mean, COME ON! These are two badass chicks and who doesn't want to see that pairing? I didn't realize at first, but LilBluestem said their color schemes would look pretty fucking awesome. And doing this just proves she's right. 

I had a lot of fun doing this one and I'm still working with Sketchbook. This was another experimental drawing to see which kind of shading style I like. Still haven't nailed it, but it was fun doing it. Even though I haven't done much with Mrs. White, I'm currently working on a new design for her. It's not a reboot, but more of an updated design. There's nothing concrete on her design, but the helmet design is something I'm a fan of. Salamander was a blast to do. Hannah was talking about doing a redesign of Salamander and this is another idea I have of her. Unlike the last design I did of her, this was more practical. I wanted to give her more of that lightweight design, because she's an agile mercenary. It wouldn't make sense if I put her in a Space Marine armor. Her hand was an absolute NIGHTMARE!!! Like Holy Shit, I was about to jump out of the window, because it caused me so much pain. But of all the things I love doing in this pic, it's the fire that's coming out of Sal's hand. I never had so much fun fucking around with colors and some how manage to make it look cool. There was no technique involved, what-so-ever! Just me and going made with me tools in Sketchbook

On a whole, this wasn't too bad. Expect to see more drawings that I like to call "experiment drawings," because I got a reason why it would like poop. Hopefully in the future, I would post another drawing and not suck at life. As always, stay fucking awesome!

Art and Mrs. White belongs to me
Salamander/Vesta belongs to :iconhannah-little:
Hannah-Little Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Holy shit man, there really is no full and proper way to say how much I love this and in what ways, but it really is amazing!
The colour schemes worked out BEAUTIFULLY, and you're right man. This is an AU-Pairing made in heaven! Seriously everything about this picture jsut clicks wonderfully.

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March 4, 2016
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